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Each StandUp Explore clinic consists of a combination of instruction, drills and personal coaching intertwined while exploring one of the many waterways in and around Amelia Island.

Instruction and Personal Coaching from a World Champion.

The instruction and coaching component is intended to help you improve your overall paddle boarding abilities whether you are a beginner or advanced paddler. We focus on a wide variety of paddling skills from strokes, to footwork and maneuvers all important whether you are interested in racing, paddle surfing or recreational paddling.

The coaching and instruction is conducted throughout the session. Instruction begins on shore and is then reinforced with personal coaching while on the water during the tour. We also stop at various points along the tour to conduct a variety of paddling drills.


Being in a small group of 10 to 12 paddlers maximizes the amount of personal coaching each paddler receives during the session. The small group setting also enables us to tailor the instruction and coaching to the specific needs and ability of each paddler. Having World Champion paddle surfer, Sean Poynter, to teach, demonstrate, and share his insight and experience makes this truly a unique opportunity.

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Paddle boarding with Sean Poynter

Explore Amelia Island from the Deck of a Stand-up Paddle Board.

The waterways around Amelia Island provide for a wide variety of paddling loaded with historical landmarks, natural beauty and wildlife. With the ocean, salt marshes, black water creeks, rivers and surrounding islands the paddling options are truly endless. With such an incredible resource right here in our own backyard it was an easy decision to incorporate the instruction and coaching into a tour of one of Amelia Island’s waterways.


During the tour, we paddle at a leisurely pace with plenty of time rest and hydrate. Along the way we stop and conduct a variety of paddling drills. We also share our knowledge of the history and wildlife in the area. Lastly, we discuss the critical factors such as weather conditions, wind, tide, and common hazards to help you gain an understanding of what it takes to safely navigate the waterways around the island on a paddle board.


The location of each session is selected based on the weather conditions, wind and tide cycles. Our goal is to paddle in the best spot on the island given the weather conditions the day of the clinic. This helps ensure the water is calm with minimal current.  With a number launch spots to choose from we are usually able to find suitable conditions for paddling.


For specific details about the different tours led by Amelia Island Paddle Surf Co. click here.

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For any additional questions please check out our FAQs. You may also contact us here.

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