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Amelia Island is truly a SUP destination

Explore the island's wildlife, historic landmarks, and natural beauty all from the deck of a SUP.

Plan your SUP vacation to Amelia island and experience something unique every time you paddle. Whether you are planning a day trip, 3-day weekend or multi-day vacation, we can organize paddle trips for you each day of your visit on high performance paddle boards and paddles. 


Our paddle boarding trips are tailored based on paddling abilities from beginner to advanced.  We have a dozen trips to choose from including salt marshes, black water creeks, Cumberland Island, historic downtown, Ft. Clinch, surfing, downwinders to name a few.


No other SUP destination offers the variety of paddling experiences you can enjoy on Amelia Island. Come enjoy wild horses, dolphins , empty surf breaks, deserted islands, majestic vistas, and historic landmarks all on a SUP. Amelia Island is one of the best places to stand up paddle board in Florida. We can also suggest more things to do when you're not on the water.

Click here to go to and read more about paddle boarding on Amelia Island.

Our blog series, Amazing Paddles on Amelia Island, provides in depth descriptions of the many paddle boarding tours we offer as well.


Another great resource to learn about the best places to paddle board in Florida is guide to paddling in Florida.

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