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Amazing Paddles on Amelia Island - No. 1 Ocean Sunrise

Looking for a place to paddle board on a day trip, long weekend, or week long vacation? Amelia Island can offer you something unique each time you paddle during your stay. Albeit small in size, the island is surprisingly diverse and contains an abundance of wildlife, historic landmarks, uncrowded surf breaks and scenic vistas all making Amelia Island a true SUP destination. I will be sharing a few of the best places to explore on a SUP in this series – Amazing Paddles on Amelia Island.

paddle boarding at sunrise
No.1 Ocean Sunrise

It has been said (by a Navy SEAL) that what you accomplish in life is greatly determined by how you start your day. With that in mind, start your day off right with a morning workout in the gorgeous light of sunrise.

With a little swell you can ride a few bumps as you paddle along the coast. You will likely be joined by a dolphin or two and in late spring you may also come across a sea turtle. Keep a eye out on the beach as well.

sunrise paddle boarding tour Amelia Island

You may be surprised what washed up on the shore overnight. One of my favorite finds is the Lightning Whelk. It is a sea snail native to the southeastern U.S. Its shell has distinctive brown stripes which make them difficult to spot.

There is a kind of quietness at this early hour that adds a richness to the experience. It is also a popular time of day to see riders on horseback strolling down the beach. There are numerous points along the island with public access to the beach, just pick one and go! You are also welcome to join us. Click here to learn more.
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