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A Review of the Revere Survival ComfortMax Inflatable PFD Belt for Paddle Boarding

SUP safety infatable PFD belt

Living in Amelia Island made it easy to get my hands on the Revere Survival Comfort Max inflatable PFD belt. Since 1936, Revere Survival has been manufacturing marine safety products and is based just down the road in Jacksonville, FL. I tested the Revere while paddle boarding on a down winder in 3 to 4 foot seas and 18 to 20 mph winds.

Revere Survival inflatable PFD for SUP safety

At first glance the PFD looks well made. The belt and buckle are thick and sturdy. Putting it on is easy with the big buckle.

One feature I really liked is the placement of the buckle. It is located on the side as opposed to being centered like a traditional belt.

I realized the benefit of having the buckle on the side as I climbed, belly first, back onto my board after a fall paddle surfing a bump. With the buckle on the side it stayed out of my way (i.e., it didn’t dig into my stomach or scratch the paddle board).

The belt size is adult universal and is designed with an adjustable clip to secure any excess belt. The belt is also equipped with a D-ring for small accessories. I attached the marine safety whistle which comes with the PFD to the D-ring.

SUP Safety inflatable PFD belt

Once on, the PFD is comfortable but noticeable as I paddled and surfed bumps. I found it to be slightly heavier than the other inflatable PFDs I use for paddle boarding (e.g., the ONYX M-16 and MTI Adventurewear Fluid 2.0). The extra weight is due to the fact that the Revere uses a larger 33g CO2 cylinder which provides 35 lbs. of flotation. It is the biggest of the inflatable PFD belts I have used. This gives the PFD, once inflated, significantly more flotation than the 16g and 24g belts.

I felt comfortable paddling in nor'easter conditions on the open ocean knowing I had the extra flotation. I have to imagine floating around in these conditions would be much more pleasant with the extra flotation. This inflatable PFD belt retails for around $80 making it very competitive price wise and is an excellent PFD for paddle boarding.


  • Sturdy and well made

  • Buckle located on the side

  • 35 lbs. of flotation

  • Clip for excess belt

  • Price point


  • Noticeably heavier than other PFD belts

  • Limited color options – Red or Navy

For more information on the Revere Survival Comfort Max inflatable PFD belt, click here.

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