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Six Great Paddle Boarding Gift Ideas

1. Inflatable PFD Belt. Give the gift of safety. Not to mention PFDs are required by the USCG and should be worn if outside the surf zone. Even experienced paddle boarders need a PFD. There are a number inflatable PFD belts on the market designed for paddle boarding. My favorites are the ONYX M-16, MTI Adventurewear Fluid 2.0 and the Revere Survival ComfortMax belt.

2. SUP Leash. Along the same lines of safety, this is more of a stocking-stuffer. Get a straight leash for paddle surfing and a coiled leash for touring. If they already have a leash buy them a backup. Everyone needs a spare. If their leash is over a year old they need a new one anyway. If they paddle on rivers or anywhere with strong currents consider getting a leash with a quick release. SilverCord is making a great new innovative SUP leash with a quick release.

3. Personal Locator Beacon (PLB). This is for the adventurous paddle boarder. PLBs are a great safety device for those who push the limits. It can also be used in the back country for skiing, snowboarding and climbing. Knowing you have a safety device that can get you located and rescued provides piece of mind for the paddler and the family members back at home.

4. Deck Bag. Keep your stuff dry especially cell phones. Deck bags are a great way to carry extra clothing, sunscreen, cameras, car keys, water, and snacks on long paddle boarding tours. One of the better deck bags on the market is by BIC. It is purpose built for paddle boards. The low profile comes in handy when trying to crank out some speed or break through surf on the way out.

5. Wetsuit Jacket. It is getting colder which requires some neoprene to be on the water. Instead of a tired old long sleeve neoprene top, buy them an edgy and retro looking full front zip wetsuit jacket. The front zip looks like something 007 would wear. Both the O'Neill and the Xcel are good choices.

6. Longboard SUP. If you want to go big, buy them a longboard style SUP. My favorite is the NAISH Nalu. Pick the length best suited to the conditions in your area. The versatility of this paddle board is amazing. You can ride super small waves, hang ten, do 360s and for the skilled surfer pull off helicopters!

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